What is Your MagicPreneur Marketing Strategy?

Getting bookings for your magic career is a little like playing chess. You need to have a strategy that works. In this article we reveal such a strategy!

You Need a Map

Being able to perform your magicpreneur act for an audience via Zoom, is all well and nice, but how do you get your bookings in the first place? DIYdigi.com, the marketing organization, put up an interesting post today all about getting bookings and acquiring customers. Don’t underestimate the need for a well thought out marketing strategy. Think of it this way, not having an overall plan in terms of marketing, is the same as needing to travel but not having a map!

Start an Online Magic Publication

Some of you reading the article about getting bookings and acquiring strategies per the link on this page, may possibly be coming back at us with the question “How am I supposed to do influencer marketing if I don’t have access to influencers nor the money to pay for them?” Worry not, you can still get influencer marketing on your side. How are you going to do this? There is a little known method of getting someone famous or semi-famous to be a guest on your magic website. The key here is to have a website that is not necessarily featuring your name such as something along the lines of “Magic Show TV.” Or a site that currently exists called USA Magicians.

You are Who You Associate With

The influencer acquisition strategy means have a site about magic or a related topic that has a name the implies more than just one person on it. You become the resident contributor on the your site featuring interviews with well known performers. Think of it this way, who would you be more likely to hire as a magician, the conjurer that was associated with well known names in magic, or she or he who was not? Obviously you become more desirable via who you hang with.

Work on Gaining Viewership

But wonder if you don’t have any magic influencer friends? That’s fine because what you do have is a publication about magicians. Simply get the contact information for a well known magician and email that person saying you want to interview them for your online magic magazine. You may be surprised who you can get on your website. And the more you do this, the greater viewership you will build, that in turn helps you get more prestidigitator influencers because people like being on sites that are popular. Try it out! It works if you work it!