The Project Regarding a METHOD HOW to Become a Professional Magician is Nearing the End of the “Strategies DIY” Finish Taking a Look from the Perspective of Professor Dreamer as Well as that of Professor Realist

Do You Have Dreamer on Your Back or Maybe it Says Realist?

Can You Find Your Place as a Professional Magician?

It is nearing the finish line but there are still a couple of days left on putting together what will be the first official METHOD HOW digital product consisting of consisting of a strategy that is just 10 steps long, to help those who are interested in becoming a professional magician. Can you find your place as a professional magician?

You Can Do it, Because as Professor Dreamer Says “You gave to Dream” and Professor Realist Adds “But then you need to Take Action One Step at a Time

Dreaming and doing, it is really that simple. Both depend on each other. You need both. Because of opportunities that are possible because of digital technology, A.I. and access to the internet, everyone can be a “Winner in Business” or a WIB. But the secret is that if you do not have both, you will not succeed. That is why Professor Dreamer and Professor Realist were brought together,

So What Do Now?

One thing that might be helpful, would be to look at your goals and look at achieving it through a dreamer perspective, as well as studying it from a realist point of view. You will find some elements that cross over and match, but also what will likely unfold for you is two paths, dreamer and realist. But do not worry. When you are following you work process you do not have to do Dreams and Realisms at the same time. Also, it does not matter whether you do Dreamer first and then Realist after, or Realist first and Dreamer second.

Other things to Think About Before We Go

You are in control. And how you see yourself does play into this. If you come from a more practical outlook, you might find it easier to do all the realist stuff first and then place dreamer material wherever it fits in you Strategy DIY. And then vice versa for the other!