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Magicians Can Use “Cause Marketing” Too

If you are a magician who is an expert in a particular field or are working with someone else who is is and you document them, this can form the content of your of your message along with updates on good things that are going on. If you can work entirely digitally this is the best context because, although you are potentially subject to bullying or slandering, you don’t have to worry about your business being put on fire. Many magicians are now performing remotely with their gigs, and adding the component of Cause Marketing can be helpful for your magic and routines if worked into your patter.

The approach of cause marketing has to do with aligning your brand (and yes, as a magician you are a brand!) with a cause to produce profitable and societal benefits for both parties. This forms social value that is beneficial to both you and the organization you are helping.

Ideally you are able to do something to help others that has to do with what your outreach activities are all about. If this is the case, then you can offer up your services as a magician as the prize for those individuals participating in a campaign who makes the biggest difference in a measurable way. In other words, your business gains being under a spotlight in an integrated manner making it possible for you to be able to promote your business through the prizes offered. And  when someone wins the contest you can do a special trick for them remotely.

The great thing about cause marketing is that it brings into focus your brand without having to spend more on marketing than you already are. This can increase customer loyalty and general good will toward your business as a magician.

In short, doing cause marketing often involves the need to motivate an audience to do something positive potentially for both your online and offline community. You want your customers to take some sort of action. The great thing about this is that you potentially will get new referrals for your act.