Read About Magicians and Entrepreneurs

A Magic Publication

If you want to continue to be a magicpreneur who is making a living with their passion, be sure to read books about magicians and entrepreneurs. This can be fuel for your fire. Although I can not reveal the name of it here, but we just had an article published in one of the most important magazines for magician entertainers.

The Magic Community

In the article we covered information on performers in a recent show that the organization sponsored. These conjurers were all making their living through magic. A theme that came up frequently was the idea of having a passion for magic as well as the importance of giving back to the magic community.

Go to Your Local Library

If you are new to the magic profession and live near a library, don’t forget the Dewey Decimal number 798.3.

MagicPreneurs are Creative Entrepreneurs

What is the woman doing in the library? She is reading library books with the number 793.8. This is the number for magic books. She is taking in books on conjuring. as well as those that focus on business.

There is a lot of talk these days about entrepreneurship as being one of the solutions for the lack of jobs in the current economy. The idea is that becoming an entrepreneur, or even an ArtisticPreneur, will allow people to be empowered to create their own opportunities. And MagiciPreneurs? The same concept. We decided to do a study of magicians we known locally here in New York City what they thought about combining artistic pursuits with business. They all said this is a viable way to work which is working for them. Congratulations MagicPreneurs.

Magicians Can Use “Cause Marketing” Too

If you are a magician who is an expert in a particular field or are working with someone else who is is and you document them, this can form the content of your of your message along with updates on good things that are going on. If you can work entirely digitally this is the best context because, although you are potentially subject to bullying or slandering, you don’t have to worry about your business being put on fire. Many magicians are now performing remotely with their gigs, and adding the component of Cause Marketing can be helpful for your magic and routines if worked into your patter.

The approach of cause marketing has to do with aligning your brand (and yes, as a magician you are a brand!) with a cause to produce profitable and societal benefits for both parties. This forms social value that is beneficial to both you and the organization you are helping.

Ideally you are able to do something to help others that has to do with what your outreach activities are all about. If this is the case, then you can offer up your services as a magician as the prize for those individuals participating in a campaign who makes the biggest difference in a measurable way. In other words, your business gains being under a spotlight in an integrated manner making it possible for you to be able to promote your business through the prizes offered. AndĀ  when someone wins the contest you can do a special trick for them remotely.

The great thing about cause marketing is that it brings into focus your brand without having to spend more on marketing than you already are. This can increase customer loyalty and general good will toward your business as a magician.

In short, doing cause marketing often involves the need to motivate an audience to do something positive potentially for both your online and offline community. You want your customers to take some sort of action. The great thing about this is that you potentially will get new referrals for your act.

Looking to the Future for MagicPreneurs

Not in the Same Room

Even though we are in the midst of a pandemic, the future looks good for magicpreneurs and other related entertainers. Why? Because with the “preneur” in magicpreneur it is possible for one to helm destiny. The key here though is that because of COVID-19 all the rules have changed. But, especially for kid performers, the long range looks good. This is because kids love magic and a Zoom version of this has been tested with results that are quite encouraging. The kids still exclaim with glee, despite the performer not being in the same room as they are.

New Tools

For the future to be bright it is all about innovation. In truth what it is, is engaging in “Digital Transformation.” This is the work of transmuting all processes that in the past used to require being “live and in person,” into digital ones. Of course “Digital Transformation” is not just about making processes digital, it includes keeping an open mind toward what the new tools offer.

Is This for You?

Another great digital way that magicpreneurs can use to make a living is to get involved with the writing of magic books and creating effects to be sold to other magicians. In fact, that magic world needs a new book and effects that can be done digitally. So maybe you are the person to do this?!

Your Magician in a Suitcase

MagicPreneur Strategies

To succeed as a MagicPreneur you need a magician in a suitcase that you can carry wherever you go. But seriously folks…What is meant by this is the suggestion that we always have a conjurer with us at all times. Why? Because no matter where you are in your career, an important component of success is to never forget the wizard aspect of your MagicPreneur business strategies.

Magicians Versus Actors

Being a MagicPreneur is unlike any other kind of entrepreneur because magic is a unique artform and therefore has unique needs in terms of promotion. What would work for say, an actor, is not going to work for a magician. Why? Because a magician is a self contained act, whereas an actor is seeking employment in an existing production.

Don’t Forget

And especially in these days of the Coronavirus, Magicians need a unique approach. Projects like “Invent Mentalism,” take into consideration the times we live in and presents for the prestidigitator a special pathway of making a living in these challenging times of not having audiences because of the six feet apart requirements. So at a loss of what to do in the present for your career? Make sure you always have a magician in a suitcase with you to reveal the newest approaches such as “Invent Mentalism.”

Welcome to the New MagicPreneur Website

Attention all MagicPreneurs, don’t burn those cards quite yet.

Facing the Challenges

We’re thrilled to have you here. This is a passion project because we believe that mentalists and magicians and any career as an entertainer, should include the knowledge of how to be able to make a living with your art, ever more difficult as the Coronavirus has ravagedĀ  our country and the world. This is a common sense eBook that reveals some little known ideas that make it easier to be successful despite the current challenges.

An Exciting New Chapter

Sure, it’s going to be different but this doesn’t mean you have to give up your knowledge and your joy of performing. Magicians already posses discipline that comes about through practicing for hours to make an effect just right and performance ready. Now some of those same skills can open the door for you into an exciting new chapter in your performing artist career.