Mixing Your HP Style Magic Brew so 2022 Becomes Your Best Year Yet as a MagicPreneur and Independent Entertainment Wizard!

Making a Difference is Magical

You cannot go wrong when you make a difference in your community because it is a win-win. Your community benefits by having a more positive outlook in 2022 and your business can grow as a result of letting locals, both online and off, that your company really compares about the community and issues like staying safe. This works like magic.

MagicPreneur Calls 2022 the Year of Independence for Those Going Solo

As controversial as it is, going solo as a MagicPreneur means truly that, Nada Needs outside of certain services like phone etc. The goal has been to have MagicPreneurs be self-sufficient enough such that they do not have to spend on items they can generate themselves. The reason not all of those in MagicPreneur biz are not happy with this, is because most of those individuals are vendors who now do not have all the income stream coming in from conjurers who are truly going at it alone.

Tapering Off

And funny enough, since you would think giving up vendors would mean more to do yourself as a pro magic performing artist, the reality is that with the new methodologies being introduced like those of WizNYC in his weekly “My Meta AI” Report, dependence is going away. The so-called “must haves” are being reduced. The business model is transforming. Initially it can be like tapering off of something holding you captive.

Metaphorical Lessons from the World’s Most Famous Magician Living or Not

Eventually you’ll be able to walk away from it. Houdini and his unique grasp of escapology empowered him to be able to get free of handcuffs, and so now are the modern MagicPreneurs. Plus, this newfound time is making it easier for magicians to focus on their magic show and neighborhoods. Of course, these days a neighborhood is often digital.

in 1926 Harry houdini makes a difference in a children’s hospital in chicago

The Art of Magic Engages and Delights

Harry Houdini was one of the best MagicPreneurs in the business of show, who ever lived. He had a passion for being a performer and winning the applause of an audience.

“Never try to fool children, they expect nothing, and therefore see everything‚Ķ”

– – Harry Houdini

Prestidigitator Extraordinaire

Another Insight via Houdini is that MagicPreneurs Now Have More Time to Make a Difference in their Communities

There are many ways of “Giving Back” to your community when you are a magician. One of the best ways to do this can be to perform at places where people really need the delight and hope that the performance of magic tricks can bring. A children’s hospital is an example of this. At the time he did not know it, but back in 1926 when magician Harry Houdini performed for young people in a Chicago hospital, later that same year was his passing. But sharing the “magic of magic” with kids was his chance to give back.

More Settings for Giving Back to Your Community Online and Off

Another setting for entertainment wizards where they can perform for grateful audiences and bring smiles to their faces, is in an elders’ care facility. Often times seniors can feel very lonely in these nursing homes, so a conjurer performing for them is a breath of fresh air and can make their day.

Making a 180 in Terms of Perception is Sad

Although we look forward to 2022 with great anticipation, something heartbreaking that is going on at the same time is a way in which some see certain things that have been said either offline or on that have been misconstrued and for this we apologize profusely. Web Design Magician, USA Magicians and even Invent Mentalism have gotten the wrong idea from our unofficial mantra.

MagicPreneurs Being Independent in 2022 is a Good Thing

Our encouragement for MagicPreneurs in 2022 is that they not be dependent upon others for their success. But the meaning of our passionate message to conjurers who see their careers as businesses, has been flipped on us. Making others believe that here at MagicPreneur, we are putting down some factions. We are not.

We are Very Supportive of Other Performers

We are making it clear that dependency can bring you down and that you need all the magic tools of your magic marketing toolkit to stay on top of what you do as a performer in terms of booking shows. We apologize in advance to prestidigitators if this gets taken the wrong way:

Myth #1

In order to have a successful magic website in 2022 you need to find a web design magician to make to make one?

The myth buster is that these days you don’t need a web design magician because you can get your choice of many different website builder apps out there and do it yourself!

Myth #2

You must have the council of at least 3 professional USA magicians to ensure your show is a success?

The myth buster is that although big names in magic in Las Vegas frequently hire USA magicians as consultants, even if you are a USA Magician who is just starting out, you have the option being your own consultant for free by going to your local library in-person or online. Then all you have to do is go to the Dewey Decimal System category of 793.8 and then, as long as you practice in front of the mirror regularly for hours on end, you should do just fine!

Myth #3

As an entertainer mentalist you cannot achieve success as a full-fledged success as a mind reader and soothsayer unless you are able to invent mentalism effects for your act.

Although it is true that several professional mentalist entertainers invent mentalism effect they present to their audience, this is not the deciding factor in determining success in this intriguing subcategory of the magic entertainment arts!

But Most Importantly Make a Difference with Magic

In the end though, the most important thing is to make a difference with your magic. Whatever it takes. Magic is an entertainment art that is loved by audiences all over the world. So, whether you are able to be free of constraints in 2022 or not, we wish you, and all conjurers, a very happy new year, and best of luck with your magic career!