The Project Regarding a METHOD HOW to Become a Professional Magician is Nearing the End of the “Strategies DIY” Finish Taking a Look from the Perspective of Professor Dreamer as Well as that of Professor Realist

Do You Have Dreamer on Your Back or Maybe it Says Realist?

Can You Find Your Place as a Professional Magician?

It is nearing the finish line but there are still a couple of days left on putting together what will be the first official METHOD HOW digital product consisting of consisting of a strategy that is just 10 steps long, to help those who are interested in becoming a professional magician. Can you find your place as a professional magician?

You Can Do it, Because as Professor Dreamer Says “You gave to Dream” and Professor Realist Adds “But then you need to Take Action One Step at a Time

Dreaming and doing, it is really that simple. Both depend on each other. You need both. Because of opportunities that are possible because of digital technology, A.I. and access to the internet, everyone can be a “Winner in Business” or a WIB. But the secret is that if you do not have both, you will not succeed. That is why Professor Dreamer and Professor Realist were brought together,

So What Do Now?

One thing that might be helpful, would be to look at your goals and look at achieving it through a dreamer perspective, as well as studying it from a realist point of view. You will find some elements that cross over and match, but also what will likely unfold for you is two paths, dreamer and realist. But do not worry. When you are following you work process you do not have to do Dreams and Realisms at the same time. Also, it does not matter whether you do Dreamer first and then Realist after, or Realist first and Dreamer second.

Other things to Think About Before We Go

You are in control. And how you see yourself does play into this. If you come from a more practical outlook, you might find it easier to do all the realist stuff first and then place dreamer material wherever it fits in you Strategy DIY. And then vice versa for the other!

Being a MagicPreneur is Not Just for Magicians

Some Lost their Businesses

Let’s face it, from an entrepreneurial standpoint, Big Tech’s successes including Search and Social Ad Sales, are impressive. It shows that the internet is indeed a powerful thing. But unfortunately, in the process of doors opening for big companies that have the web as a big part of what they do, privacy went down the tube, and small businesses that were not using a good online strategy, went out of business.

Do They Really Care About Your Privacy?

True, some of the search engine companies and social media ones, have started doing PR campaigns of how they value our privacy. They say that ensuring privacy as well as maintaining our security, is their major goal. Why? because they want you to pay them money for their ads. Virtually all search engines and all social media sites, were created for the sole purpose of getting information on visitors. Their needs and so on.

Can You Succeed without Search or Social Ads?

Then they get you to pay for ads on their platform. That is their true purpose. Not to bring people together and improve communication in the world and so on. No. They want your information and then sell it to advertisers as well as use it themselves. Your data have been being compiled beyond your wildest dreams. It is possible they know more about you than as you do yourself. But now it is time for you the small business owner, or you, someone who is starting a company, to win over big tech, or at least need to buy less ads from them. Now you can understand your future customers better.

As a MagicPreneur is Selling Your Privacy Worth it to You? Is it Magic or Just Invasive?

What We Give Up

When you look at a search engine like the one that is number 1 in the world, what they have created is quite impressive. They have developed a veritable ecosystem with a myriad of useful online product that are irresistible to many MagicPreneurs and the public as well. The world’s most important search engine follows the business model that most big tech companies do. This is to develop free (?) internet products and services that we as entrepreneurs (and members of the public as well) feel we need desperately. Point blank, we seem willing to trade in as the fee, as many facets of our identity as possible.

What We Get

But for most this exchange seems worth it because of the value such services and product provide for us. They make it easy for us to share our lives with friends and family (and promoting our businesses), despite knowing that we are disclosing information about ourselves that in the wrong hands could be quite detrimental. The collecting of our personal data goes on and on with everything we do including searches, emails, online photographs, web videos and much much more. Heck, at a certain point big tech may remember things we’ve disclosed online that we have forgotten, thereby making these giant media companies in some ways knowing us better than we know ourselves. They have secret files on us that never forget a thing.

Business Benefits

The dream today is to be a MagicPreneur or an entrepreneur and be able to make money while you pursue your passion. And this is where everything comes together. Entrepreneurs, Micro Businesses, Small Businesses and Large Corporations are not just preyed upon from an information gathering prospective but also have the possibility of receiving benefits from the files that big tech has been keeping on us and others. With our files at their disposal big tech can offer businesses the opportunity to cash in on their information collected, for a price.

So, What Does this Have to Do with Being a MagicPreneur?

The drums roll builds in anticipation until finally a cymbal announces the crescendo. The exciting news is uncovered. It is that we as magicians and other entrepreneurs, have access to the files of those most likely to book us (become our customer) if we are willing to pay big tech a fee. They can help us reach out to potential clients via the information they have gathered. We just need to reveal the statistics of what constitute our perfect customers. They sell us other people’s data just as other people buy our data. The data is used to feature ourselves or our companies in ads including search engine placement, social media exhibition, online video and more.

Many Believe this is All Dandy

For a large amount of individuals and MagicPreneurs here in America, giving away our privacy online in exchange for free (?) communication tools is worth it. And knowing companies sell our private data to third parties appears to many as “the way it is.” Again, the irony is that as we sell our own privacy we can, on the flip side, we can in turn purchase other people’s information to promote our own businesses. MagicPreneurs, is this worth it to you?