Better Than a Roll of the Dice


It’s better than a roll of the dice. We’re speaking of course about becoming a Magicpreneur which is defined as:

“A person who is a magician entertainer or individual interested in magic who has become or is becoming an entrepreneur.”

Is this you? A  horrendous thing has happened to magic entertainers due to the Coronavirus. They have lost their livelihood  that was dependent upon them performing for an audience. But now that  people can no longer gather for fear of spreading the disease, there has been no need to hire magicians. So what is a Magicpreneur to do? The answer is in the definition of Magicpreneur.  The MagicPreneur must forge ahead with their entrepreneurship side and look for new ways that their skills can help them make a living.

New PDF eBook

As of this writing, soon there will be a new PDF eBook available at the  Invent Mentalism website with the domain name that was created by the people of USA How To. USA How To is an organization that creates “How To” eBooks as well as provides marketing services, many of which are described in the pages of their books.

Why Just Survive when you can Thrive

“Invent Mentalism”  as the title connotes, is about inventing mentalism magic tricks. A bonus section has been added to Invent Mentalism which consists of strategies for magician’s to thrive in a post COVID-19 world. If you are a magician and entrepreneur – in other words Magicipreneur – keep your eyes out for this publication. It will be available soon. It’s better than a roll of the dice.