Being MagicPreneur and How this is Important Whether You are a Magic Lecturer or Birthday Party Kids Magician or Even if You are in a Different Part of the Magic Industry

Being a MagicPreneur

A lot has been written on the site MagicPreneur about being a, well, MagicPreneur. Being a MagicPreneur is the same as being another kind of entrepreneur, with the difference being that the focus is on magic and the magic industry. There are many other kinds of jobs in magic than just being a magician or mentalist. And all of these jobs, even if they traditionally were a “for hire” position where you just showed up for work, everything is different now because of technology and the impact of things like COVID and remote working. This means that whatever your goals are in the working world of magic, you better start learning how to be a MagicPreneur. Two jobs in conjuring that definitely require you be a MagicPreneur are being Magic or Mentalism Lecturer as well as being a Kids Magician who does birthday parties and such. An interesting side by side that is possible with these two job descriptions is that one of them, Magic Lecturer, is generally for magicians only, while being a Kids Magician is geared to the public, specifically parent decision-makers for their child and that kid’s friends,

Magic Lecturer

It is tough to make this one into your only source of income, but there are those who have done it. Becoming a magic lecturer means have a record of success and a highly commercial idea of magic to lecture regarding. In large part for many is making much, and sometimes most, of their income by selling lecture notes, books, and effects themselves, all of which will be most helpful for you if you invented and created all these kinds of materials. Getting bookings can be through shop locations possibly were promoting a new effect of yours, or though magic organizations where, depending on the rules of the organization, could do bookings on a national or local level, so you need to check this out. Additionally, you can promote your lectures online on social media services that have video streaming live and prerecorded capabilities.

Local Birthday Kids Magician

And do not write off performing at kids’ birthday parties in-person, but there are also online opportunities where you perform from your studio broadcasted to a large video screen in the house of the child whose birthday it is. Word of mouth is immensely helpful with this approach. Most of these jobs come from referrals of one kid’s parent to another. There is a lot of competition for this area, especially in large cities. Marketing is critical online. And if you are just starting out, the recommendation is to explore the possibility of doing performances remotely through streaming video live. You can still do all the things you normally would but adapted to the screen, with some interaction not possible. Though, with some clever thinking you can come up with ways to get the kids active. On your end when doing a virtual show, you will have the phone or broadcast means providing you with an image of the kids and birthday child. Volunteers, activities and a special magic trick with the birthday kids are possible with some thinking outside of the box.