Already a Part of the Magic Entertainment Community and Want to Take it to the Next Level? Consider Becoming a MagicPreneur

New Spells to Cast?

The world of magic is an enchanting confluence of showmanship and entrepreneurial spirit — a realm where magicians are not just performers but MagicPreneurs. For those already immersed in this mystical community, the next act is to transform your sleight of hand into a hand in business. And these days one of the keys to achieving this is Artificial Intelligence in the form of AI Automation Types. This resource and more are all a part of a journey that transcends mastering the mesmerizing illusions and captivating an audience; it delves into the art of entrepreneurship. A MagicPreneur is a maestro of both their craft and the commercial acumen needed to turn passion into a thriving career. Your new spells to cast include branding, marketing, and networking, vital for success in the modern marketplace of magic.

Setting the Stage for Success

Embarking on the path of a MagicPreneur begins with laying a solid foundation for your business. It’s crucial to carve out your niche, understand your target audience, and construct a business plan as meticulously as you would a new magic routine. This plan is akin to a script, outlining each step of your entrepreneurial journey, ensuring that your business not only appears on stage but receives a standing ovation. The secret to this magic trick is not magic, but is science. The science of audience understanding into strategic action.

Conjuring Your Brand

In the art of magic and the business of it, your presentation defines your success. Branding is the spell that enchants your audience before the show begins. It differentiates you from other magicians and is composed of the elements that define you: your name, logo, and promotional materials. These should resonate with your personal style and the mesmerizing persona you wish to project to the world.

Marketing: The Magician’s Promotion

Without an audience, there is no magic show; without customers, there is no business. Marketing is the magic wand you wave to not only attract but also engage your audience. Combining traditional and modern marketing techniques, you can reveal just enough of your magic to captivate potential clients, employing everything from flyers to social media to draw them into your world of wonder.

eCommerce Magic: Selling the Spectacle Online

The digital age is your new stage, a platform where your magic can reach far beyond the local stage to a global audience. By venturing into the world of eCommerce, you open up a realm of possibilities, from selling magic kits to offering online masterclasses. Understanding eCommerce is akin to learning a new set of tricks, but ones that can vastly expand your audience and revenue streams.

The Book of Secrets: Writing and Publishing

Writing is a cherished tradition in the magic community, a way for magicians to share their knowledge and solidify their expertise. As a MagicPreneur, authoring your own book can elevate your status to that of an authority. With self-publishing, sharing your secrets, be it through instructional guides or magical fiction, has never been more accessible.

Lecturing: Teaching the Craft

Many magicians find a deep satisfaction in passing on their knowledge through lecturing and workshops. This not only serves as a platform for education but also enhances your brand, positioning you as a mentor within the community. Lecturing extends the magic beyond performance; it’s about inspiring and cultivating the next generation of magic.

Inventing Magic: The Creator’s Path

Magic is a constantly evolving art form, always hungry for fresh and groundbreaking effects. If you possess the inventive spirit, crafting new illusions can be a lucrative and fulfilling endeavor. Every famous trick once sprang from the mind of a magician like you, and your creations could very well become the classics of tomorrow.

Networking: The Magician’s Alliance

The journey of a MagicPreneur is not a solo performance; it thrives on the rich connections within the magic community. Networking is indispensable, providing opportunities to collaborate and learn from seasoned professionals. Engaging with your peers through conferences and magic circles can unveil opportunities that propel your career forward in ways you might never have imagined.

The Grand Finale: Making Magic Your Career

The bold decision to embrace MagicPreneurship is to choose a path filled with both challenges and wonders. It demands the heart of a performer and the mind of a strategist. The pursuit is not for the faint of heart, but for those with the dedication to see it through, the stage is set for a fulfilling career that not only brings joy to audiences but also contributes to the flourishing industry of magic. It’s your time to shine, to show that magic is not just an act, but a sustainable and enchanting livelihood.

“As a Magician and Business Owner or “MagicPreneur” How Might AI (Artificial Intelligence) Help You While You Wear Your “Magic Hat” as Well as that “Biz Cap? “

1. Enhancing Audience Engagement Through Predictive Analysis

As a “MagicPreneur,” captivating your audience is key. With AI’s predictive analysis, magicians can determine which acts resonate most with specific demographics. By assessing historical audience reactions and feedback, AI can suggest alterations to ensure maximum engagement. This way, performances can be tailored to meet the tastes and preferences of varying audiences, elevating the magic experience. And of course this is just the beginning of what you can do with AI for your your magic career and business.

2. Personalized Marketing Efforts for Greater Impact

The right marketing can draw more eyes to a magic show. AI can analyze previous ticket sales and online engagements to craft personalized marketing campaigns. By targeting specific audience segments with tailor-made advertisements, ticket sales can surge. These efforts can result in sold-out shows and a heightened fan base for the magician. The combination of “Predictive” and “Personalization” approaches can certainly make it feel as if AI is Magic.

3. Seamless Ticketing and Booking Systems

Optimizing ticket sales is essential for any successful event. AI-powered platforms can forecast peak selling times and suggest pricing strategies. With this data, magicians can adjust ticket prices during high-demand periods, ensuring maximum revenue. Additionally, an automated booking system reduces human error and enhances customer experience. If you are a magician and are thinking that you will Become a Mentalist or even add mentalism effects to your act, you have a lot of new options thanks to AI.

4. Virtual Reality (VR) Assisted Magical Experiences

While traditional magic relies on live performances, AI and VR can elevate this experience. Magicians can offer virtual shows, allowing fans from all over the world to partake. AI can ensure that these VR experiences are interactive and personalized, creating a unique magic session for each viewer. This not only expands reach but also introduces a novel revenue stream. Of course, this also means the lines blur between tech and magic. What do you think? What would Houdini have thought?

5. Real-time Feedback and Performance Enhancement

Post-performance feedback is valuable for any artist. With AI, magicians can receive real-time feedback during shows, helping them adjust acts on-the-fly. This can be particularly useful during trial performances when you perform for your Magic Neighbors and more. Instead of waiting for reviews, magicians can make instant changes, ensuring their act is always top-notch.

6. Predicting and Pioneering New Magic Trends

Staying ahead of the curve is vital in the entertainment industry. With AI’s vast data analysis capabilities, it can predict emerging magic trends. By understanding what’s gaining traction, magicians can introduce fresh, innovative acts that the audience craves. This foresight ensures magicians remain relevant and ahead of their competitors. There is also a lot of possibility regarding as a magician or mentalist when you Invent Mentalism and magic.

7. Optimized Business Operations and Cost Management

Apart from the performance aspect, managing a magic business comes with logistical challenges. AI can streamline operations by automating tasks like inventory management, accounting, and scheduling. This not only reduces operational costs but also allows magicians to focus on what they love: performing. And there is a Manhattan Magician in the early stages of this.

8. Enhancing Training and Skill Development

Magic is an ever-evolving art form. With AI, magicians can access tutorials and learning resources tailored to their skill level and interests. Whether it’s mastering a new trick or refining an old one, AI can guide magicians, helping them enhance their craft efficiently. And more and more USA Magicians are beginning to explore this new area of AI Magic.

9. Social Media and Online Presence Amplification

In today’s digital age, a strong online presence is indispensable. AI tools can analyze online engagement metrics and suggest content strategies that resonate with fans. By automating social media posts and tracking online engagements, magicians can effectively grow and nurture their online community. To learn more about this area of AI automation speak to your favorite Marketer Magician.

10. Crowd Management and Enhanced Security

For magicians hosting large events, crowd management and security are paramount. AI-powered systems can monitor crowd densities, ensuring safety protocols are maintained. Additionally, AI can detect any security threats, ensuring both the magician and the audience have a safe, enjoyable experience. AI can help you with your in-person magic gigs as well as the online work you do with your favorite Web Design Magician.

What can We Learn from Acting Like a “MagicPreneur” for those Who Have an “AI Prompt Engineer Dream?”

If you go right now to the Ask AI Guy site, you will learn more about what we are talking about regarding the “AI Prompt Engineer Dream.”

The path to becoming a MagicPreneur, a successful prompt engineer, involves adopting an innovative mindset, a deep understanding of your audience, constant incorporation of feedback, and adaptability to the dynamic world of AI.

This includes experimenting with different prompts, refining your approach based on your target customers’ interests and concerns, and seeking to provide value with your creations.

As a MagicPreneur, you must view feedback as a vital source of insights, learning from every audience interaction and response, and subsequently adapting your prompts to be more effective and engaging. Keeping up-to-date with emerging AI trends and understanding its capabilities and limitations enables you to create compelling and relevant prompts.

The importance of skill diversification is emphasized in the MagicPreneur journey, enhancing your ability to mitigate AI’s weaknesses and utilize its strengths in your prompts. Building a diverse portfolio showcases your work and potential, demonstrating your creativity and versatility.

Becoming a MagicPreneur involves patience, practice, persistence, and continuous learning from every new prompt. Networking with other MagicPreneurs provides opportunities for idea sharing, advice, and feedback, accelerating your learning process and potentially growing your business.

Ultimately, as a MagicPreneur, the goal is to turn your passion for prompts into a thriving business, creating prompts that resonate with your audience and provide value.

The promising future of a MagicPreneur lies in capitalizing on learning opportunities, constantly improving, and meeting the needs of your audience.

So if yo have not already viewed it, you might find it interesting, even helpful. We are talking about the Ask AI Guy’s book on AI for today.

MagicPreneur: Transforming Audience Understanding into Strategic Action

As marketers deepen their understanding of their audience and build a thriving “Magic Neighbors” community, they are perfectly positioned to step into the role of a “MagicPreneur”. This role involves leveraging the magic of AI to stimulate strategic growth, foster deeper customer relationships, and differentiate your brand in the marketplace.

With the foundation of a strong community already established, marketers can take advantage of AI’s ability to analyze large data volumes to further enhance their understanding of the audience. AI can highlight key consumer behaviors, attitudes, and preferences, allowing marketers to create increasingly personalized and relevant messages. This heightened level of personalization helps to drive engagement and loyalty, crucial ingredients for sustainable growth.

Moreover, AI’s power to interpret complex data patterns helps to identify promising growth opportunities. These could be untapped market segments, product or service gaps, or emerging consumer trends. By harnessing AI’s predictive analytics capabilities, marketers can strategize their growth initiatives effectively, ensuring they target the right opportunities at the right time.

As a “MagicPreneur”, leveraging AI’s magic is about creating a unique brand narrative that resonates with your audience. AI can help unravel the language and emotions that connect with your community, enabling you to weave a brand story that not only captivates but also inspires action. This unique brand narrative can help distinguish your brand in a crowded marketplace, amplifying your competitive edge.

But the journey of a “MagicPreneur” doesn’t end with audience understanding and brand differentiation. It’s about continuously learning from your community and evolving with them. AI’s machine learning algorithms ensure that the system continually refines its understanding based on new data. This way, as a “MagicPreneur”, you stay in step with your audience’s evolving needs and preferences.

AI also provides valuable insights into the customer journey, mapping out the various touchpoints and interactions customers have with your brand. This helps a “MagicPreneur” to optimize the customer experience, removing friction points and enhancing moments of delight. In turn, this results in happier customers who are more likely to become brand advocates.

In essence, the “MagicPreneur” role is about transformation – transforming audience understanding into strategic action, transforming data into compelling narratives, and transforming customers into community members. It’s about weaving the magic of AI into every aspect of your marketing strategy, driving growth and setting your brand apart.

Indeed, the “MagicPreneur” approach helps to demystify AI, making it an accessible and powerful tool for strategic growth. It showcases the true magic of AI – its ability to unlock deep audience insights, identify growth opportunities, and create a unique brand narrative.

As a “MagicPreneur”, embracing AI’s magic is not just about technological prowess; it’s about using technology as a tool for understanding, connection, and growth. It’s about fostering a deeper relationship with your audience and creating an environment where your brand can truly stand out.

In conclusion, the “MagicPreneur” role represents the next exciting chapter in the AI marketing journey. Building on the strong community established through the “Magic Neighbors” concept, it’s about unleashing the full power of AI for strategic growth. As marketers step into this role, they unlock the potential to transform their brand, their community, and their future.

The Magicpreneur and AI: A Fusion of Enchantment and Technology

Everything changed today for the “Ask AI Guy” and his amazing achievement of writing a book a day on AI marketing and business. What he is doing, even for a figurative part AI and part human individual, takes a lot of time and effort. It’s really pretty neat doing that wonderful daily writing process on the topic of AI marketing and business. The result are the every growing collection of short digital books, that are the response or answer to a question asked.

And remember that you want to do things that are a part of the concept and action of AI Do Good, with todays topic being about challenges turned into hope that are useful to any magicpreneur.

A “magicpreneur” is a term coined from the combination of ‘magician’ and ‘entrepreneur’. It describes an individual who blends the elements of magic performance with entrepreneurial spirit. Often, a magicpreneur is a professional magician who uses their magical skills not only to entertain, but also to innovate, solve problems, and create value. They use their creativity, showmanship, and mystery to inspire others and create captivating experiences. In essence, a magicpreneur takes the art of magic beyond entertainment, using it as a vehicle to engage, educate, and even contribute to various sectors of life and business.

In an era defined by technology, the magicpreneur can harness the power of AI to take their craft and business to the next level. The use of AI can range from improving performance and delivery, creating personalized experiences, through to expanding reach and exploring innovative revenue streams. So, how does a magicpreneur utilize AI to both earn a living and positively influence people’s lives?

Step one is to understand the potential of AI. As a magicpreneur, you have to grasp the concept of how AI can be a beneficial tool. Whether it’s for analyzing data, enhancing marketing strategies, or even creating interactive experiences, AI can be a valuable asset. Research and engage with AI experts, read literature, or enroll in online courses to gain an understanding of the different ways AI can be employed in your business.

Next, identify specific areas in your business where AI can be beneficial. It could be enhancing your online presence, improving customer interactions, or innovating the way you perform and deliver your magic. AI can help with marketing, communication, and even with creating more engaging performances. For instance, AI algorithms can analyze customer behavior and preferences to tailor your services, and AI-driven tools can be used to create interactive digital magic tricks.

After you’ve identified areas where AI can be helpful, the next step is to integrate AI into those areas. There are a plethora of AI tools available that can be utilized. For instance, if you decide to use AI for marketing, you might use AI-powered social media tools for content creation and distribution, or AI chatbots for customer interaction.

The fourth step is to test and refine your AI solutions. AI, like any other technology, may not provide the desired results right away. It requires testing, refining, and continuous learning. Keep a close eye on the performance metrics and make necessary adjustments to get the most out of your AI tools.

Another important step is to consider ethical implications when using AI. As a magicpreneur, you are not only a performer but also an influencer. Ensure your use of AI respects privacy and confidentiality and aligns with the values and expectations of your audience. Your story and getting it out there via the help of the Ask AI Guy or whoever, is a vital action to take.

Now that you have integrated AI into your business, it’s time to promote it. Make your audience aware of how you’re using AI to enhance their experience. This might involve sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of how AI works in your magic shows or explaining how AI helps you customize your services to meet their preferences.

You can also use AI to create innovative magic experiences that contribute to important causes. For instance, you might design interactive magic shows that educate people about important issues, or collaborate with charities to create AI-driven magic experiences that raise awareness and funds for their causes.

To make a living, consider various revenue models. You could sell tickets to AI-enhanced magic shows, offer personalized magic experiences powered by AI, or sell AI-driven magic products. Alternatively, you could offer consultancy services to businesses, helping them use magic and AI to improve their customer engagement.

In conclusion, the role of a magicpreneur in today’s technology-driven world is more than just a performer or an entrepreneur. They are innovators who can combine the art of magic with cutting-edge AI technology to create value, make a living, and make a difference. By understanding and embracing AI, a magicpreneur can redefine the magic experience, creating a profound impact on audiences and influencing positive change in society.

With a blend of creativity, technology, and entrepreneurial acumen, a magicpreneur can turn the mysteries of magic and AI storytelling into a sustainable, influential, and rewarding venture. The possibilities are as limitless as the magic they create and the technology they utilize.

Post Pandemic in an Age of AI: What is the Future for MagicPreneurs?

The COVID-19 pandemic now with some distance, has changed the world in many ways, including the entertainment industry. After social distancing and lockdown measures have become less of a “thing,” traditional forms of live entertainment, such as magic shows, had been forced to innovate with technologies to continue to reach their audiences. One of the most significant changes has been the increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) in magic performances. As AI becomes the new magic, what does the future hold for MagicPreneurs?

AI has revolutionized the entertainment industry by allowing for new and innovative ways to incorporate technology into live performances. Magicians are now able to use AI to create illusions that were previously impossible to achieve. For example, using computer vision algorithms, a magician can now perform a trick where a deck of cards seemingly shuffles itself without any human intervention.

The use of AI in magic shows also opens up new possibilities for audience participation. By utilizing machine learning algorithms, magicians can create interactive performances that respond to the audience’s reactions in real-time. This can create a more immersive and engaging experience for the audience, as they feel like they are part of the show.

However, as AI becomes more prevalent in magic performances, there are concerns about the impact on the traditional skills of magicians. Some worry that the use of AI will make traditional magic skills, such as sleight of hand, obsolete. This could lead to a loss of the artistry and craftspersonship that has been a hallmark of magic for centuries.

Despite these concerns, there are still many opportunities for MagicPreneurs in the age of AI. For example, magicians can use AI to create new and “next step” forms of magic that incorporate technology in unique ways. Additionally, AI can be used to create personalized performances that cater to individual audience members’ preferences, providing a more customized and engaging experience.

The Magicpreneur Project is a new initiative aimed at helping aspiring magicians become successful entrepreneurs. The project provides training and resources to help magicians develop their skills and build a successful business. By incorporating AI into their performances, MagicPreneurs can stay ahead of the curve and provide unique and innovative experiences for their audiences.

Being a Magicpreneur is not just for magicians. Anyone can become a Magicpreneur by incorporating magic into their business or brand. For example, companies can use magic as a marketing tool to create memorable and engaging experiences for their customers. Magic can also be used in education, as a way to make learning more fun and interactive for students.

The future of magic in an age of AI is exciting and full of possibilities. As AI continues to evolve, so too will the ways in which magicians incorporate it into their performances. Whether it’s creating personalized experiences for individual audience members or developing new forms of magic that integrate technology in innovative ways, there are endless opportunities for MagicPreneurs to thrive in the post-pandemic world.

However, it is essential to remember that AI is just a tool and should not replace the craft that has been a hallmark of magic for centuries. Magicians must continue to develop their traditional skills and use AI to enhance their performances, rather than relying solely on technology.

The future for MagicPreneurs in an age of AI is bright. By incorporating AI into their performances, magicians can create new and unusual forms of magic that captivate and engage audiences in ways that were previously impossible.

The Magicpreneur Project provides an excellent resource for aspiring MagicPreneurs to develop their skills and build a successful business. However, it is important to remember that AI should not replace traditional magic skills but rather enhance them to create truly magical experiences for audiences.

The Project Regarding a METHOD HOW to Become a Professional Magician is Nearing the End of the “Strategies DIY” Finish Taking a Look from the Perspective of Professor Dreamer as Well as that of Professor Realist

Do You Have Dreamer on Your Back or Maybe it Says Realist?

Can You Find Your Place as a Professional Magician?

It is nearing the finish line but there are still a couple of days left on putting together what will be the first official METHOD HOW digital product consisting of consisting of a strategy that is just 10 steps long, to help those who are interested in becoming a professional magician. Can you find your place as a professional magician?

You Can Do it, Because as Professor Dreamer Says “You gave to Dream” and Professor Realist Adds “But then you need to Take Action One Step at a Time

Dreaming and doing, it is really that simple. Both depend on each other. You need both. Because of opportunities that are possible because of digital technology, A.I. and access to the internet, everyone can be a “Winner in Business” or a WIB. But the secret is that if you do not have both, you will not succeed. That is why Professor Dreamer and Professor Realist were brought together,

So What Do Now?

One thing that might be helpful, would be to look at your goals and look at achieving it through a dreamer perspective, as well as studying it from a realist point of view. You will find some elements that cross over and match, but also what will likely unfold for you is two paths, dreamer and realist. But do not worry. When you are following you work process you do not have to do Dreams and Realisms at the same time. Also, it does not matter whether you do Dreamer first and then Realist after, or Realist first and Dreamer second.

Other things to Think About Before We Go

You are in control. And how you see yourself does play into this. If you come from a more practical outlook, you might find it easier to do all the realist stuff first and then place dreamer material wherever it fits in you Strategy DIY. And then vice versa for the other!

Being a MagicPreneur is Not Just for Magicians

Some Lost their Businesses

Let’s face it, from an entrepreneurial standpoint, Big Tech’s successes including Search and Social Ad Sales, are impressive. It shows that the internet is indeed a powerful thing. But unfortunately, in the process of doors opening for big companies that have the web as a big part of what they do, privacy went down the tube, and small businesses that were not using a good online strategy, went out of business.

Do They Really Care About Your Privacy?

True, some of the search engine companies and social media ones, have started doing PR campaigns of how they value our privacy. They say that ensuring privacy as well as maintaining our security, is their major goal. Why? because they want you to pay them money for their ads. Virtually all search engines and all social media sites, were created for the sole purpose of getting information on visitors. Their needs and so on.

Can You Succeed without Search or Social Ads?

Then they get you to pay for ads on their platform. That is their true purpose. Not to bring people together and improve communication in the world and so on. No. They want your information and then sell it to advertisers as well as use it themselves. Your data have been being compiled beyond your wildest dreams. It is possible they know more about you than as you do yourself. But now it is time for you the small business owner, or you, someone who is starting a company, to win over big tech, or at least need to buy less ads from them. Now you can understand your future customers better.

Being MagicPreneur and How this is Important Whether You are a Magic Lecturer or Birthday Party Kids Magician or Even if You are in a Different Part of the Magic Industry

Being a MagicPreneur

A lot has been written on the site MagicPreneur about being a, well, MagicPreneur. Being a MagicPreneur is the same as being another kind of entrepreneur, with the difference being that the focus is on magic and the magic industry. There are many other kinds of jobs in magic than just being a magician or mentalist. And all of these jobs, even if they traditionally were a “for hire” position where you just showed up for work, everything is different now because of technology and the impact of things like COVID and remote working. This means that whatever your goals are in the working world of magic, you better start learning how to be a MagicPreneur. Two jobs in conjuring that definitely require you be a MagicPreneur are being Magic or Mentalism Lecturer as well as being a Kids Magician who does birthday parties and such. An interesting side by side that is possible with these two job descriptions is that one of them, Magic Lecturer, is generally for magicians only, while being a Kids Magician is geared to the public, specifically parent decision-makers for their child and that kid’s friends,

Magic Lecturer

It is tough to make this one into your only source of income, but there are those who have done it. Becoming a magic lecturer means have a record of success and a highly commercial idea of magic to lecture regarding. In large part for many is making much, and sometimes most, of their income by selling lecture notes, books, and effects themselves, all of which will be most helpful for you if you invented and created all these kinds of materials. Getting bookings can be through shop locations possibly were promoting a new effect of yours, or though magic organizations where, depending on the rules of the organization, could do bookings on a national or local level, so you need to check this out. Additionally, you can promote your lectures online on social media services that have video streaming live and prerecorded capabilities.

Local Birthday Kids Magician

And do not write off performing at kids’ birthday parties in-person, but there are also online opportunities where you perform from your studio broadcasted to a large video screen in the house of the child whose birthday it is. Word of mouth is immensely helpful with this approach. Most of these jobs come from referrals of one kid’s parent to another. There is a lot of competition for this area, especially in large cities. Marketing is critical online. And if you are just starting out, the recommendation is to explore the possibility of doing performances remotely through streaming video live. You can still do all the things you normally would but adapted to the screen, with some interaction not possible. Though, with some clever thinking you can come up with ways to get the kids active. On your end when doing a virtual show, you will have the phone or broadcast means providing you with an image of the kids and birthday child. Volunteers, activities and a special magic trick with the birthday kids are possible with some thinking outside of the box.

Mixing Your HP Style Magic Brew so 2022 Becomes Your Best Year Yet as a MagicPreneur and Independent Entertainment Wizard!

Making a Difference is Magical

You cannot go wrong when you make a difference in your community because it is a win-win. Your community benefits by having a more positive outlook in 2022 and your business can grow as a result of letting locals, both online and off, that your company really compares about the community and issues like staying safe. This works like magic.

MagicPreneur Calls 2022 the Year of Independence for Those Going Solo

As controversial as it is, going solo as a MagicPreneur means truly that, Nada Needs outside of certain services like phone etc. The goal has been to have MagicPreneurs be self-sufficient enough such that they do not have to spend on items they can generate themselves. The reason not all of those in MagicPreneur biz are not happy with this, is because most of those individuals are vendors who now do not have all the income stream coming in from conjurers who are truly going at it alone.

Tapering Off

And funny enough, since you would think giving up vendors would mean more to do yourself as a pro magic performing artist, the reality is that with the new methodologies being introduced like those of WizNYC in his weekly “My Meta AI” Report, dependence is going away. The so-called “must haves” are being reduced. The business model is transforming. Initially it can be like tapering off of something holding you captive.

Metaphorical Lessons from the World’s Most Famous Magician Living or Not

Eventually you’ll be able to walk away from it. Houdini and his unique grasp of escapology empowered him to be able to get free of handcuffs, and so now are the modern MagicPreneurs. Plus, this newfound time is making it easier for magicians to focus on their magic show and neighborhoods. Of course, these days a neighborhood is often digital.

in 1926 Harry houdini makes a difference in a children’s hospital in chicago

The Art of Magic Engages and Delights

Harry Houdini was one of the best MagicPreneurs in the business of show, who ever lived. He had a passion for being a performer and winning the applause of an audience.

“Never try to fool children, they expect nothing, and therefore see everything…”

– – Harry Houdini

Prestidigitator Extraordinaire

Another Insight via Houdini is that MagicPreneurs Now Have More Time to Make a Difference in their Communities

There are many ways of “Giving Back” to your community when you are a magician. One of the best ways to do this can be to perform at places where people really need the delight and hope that the performance of magic tricks can bring. A children’s hospital is an example of this. At the time he did not know it, but back in 1926 when magician Harry Houdini performed for young people in a Chicago hospital, later that same year was his passing. But sharing the “magic of magic” with kids was his chance to give back.

More Settings for Giving Back to Your Community Online and Off

Another setting for entertainment wizards where they can perform for grateful audiences and bring smiles to their faces, is in an elders’ care facility. Often times seniors can feel very lonely in these nursing homes, so a conjurer performing for them is a breath of fresh air and can make their day.

Making a 180 in Terms of Perception is Sad

Although we look forward to 2022 with great anticipation, something heartbreaking that is going on at the same time is a way in which some see certain things that have been said either offline or on that have been misconstrued and for this we apologize profusely. Web Design Magician, USA Magicians and even Invent Mentalism have gotten the wrong idea from our unofficial mantra.

MagicPreneurs Being Independent in 2022 is a Good Thing

Our encouragement for MagicPreneurs in 2022 is that they not be dependent upon others for their success. But the meaning of our passionate message to conjurers who see their careers as businesses, has been flipped on us. Making others believe that here at MagicPreneur, we are putting down some factions. We are not.

We are Very Supportive of Other Performers

We are making it clear that dependency can bring you down and that you need all the magic tools of your magic marketing toolkit to stay on top of what you do as a performer in terms of booking shows. We apologize in advance to prestidigitators if this gets taken the wrong way:

Myth #1

In order to have a successful magic website in 2022 you need to find a web design magician to make to make one?

The myth buster is that these days you don’t need a web design magician because you can get your choice of many different website builder apps out there and do it yourself!

Myth #2

You must have the council of at least 3 professional USA magicians to ensure your show is a success?

The myth buster is that although big names in magic in Las Vegas frequently hire USA magicians as consultants, even if you are a USA Magician who is just starting out, you have the option being your own consultant for free by going to your local library in-person or online. Then all you have to do is go to the Dewey Decimal System category of 793.8 and then, as long as you practice in front of the mirror regularly for hours on end, you should do just fine!

Myth #3

As an entertainer mentalist you cannot achieve success as a full-fledged success as a mind reader and soothsayer unless you are able to invent mentalism effects for your act.

Although it is true that several professional mentalist entertainers invent mentalism effect they present to their audience, this is not the deciding factor in determining success in this intriguing subcategory of the magic entertainment arts!

But Most Importantly Make a Difference with Magic

In the end though, the most important thing is to make a difference with your magic. Whatever it takes. Magic is an entertainment art that is loved by audiences all over the world. So, whether you are able to be free of constraints in 2022 or not, we wish you, and all conjurers, a very happy new year, and best of luck with your magic career!