Being a MagicPreneur is Not Just for Magicians

Some Lost their Businesses

Let’s face it, from an entrepreneurial standpoint, Big Tech’s successes including Search and Social Ad Sales, are impressive. It shows that the internet is indeed a powerful thing. But unfortunately, in the process of doors opening for big companies that have the web as a big part of what they do, privacy went down the tube, and small businesses that were not using a good online strategy, went out of business.

Do They Really Care About Your Privacy?

True, some of the search engine companies and social media ones, have started doing PR campaigns of how they value our privacy. They say that ensuring privacy as well as maintaining our security, is their major goal. Why? because they want you to pay them money for their ads. Virtually all search engines and all social media sites, were created for the sole purpose of getting information on visitors. Their needs and so on.

Can You Succeed without Search or Social Ads?

Then they get you to pay for ads on their platform. That is their true purpose. Not to bring people together and improve communication in the world and so on. No. They want your information and then sell it to advertisers as well as use it themselves. Your data have been being compiled beyond your wildest dreams. It is possible they know more about you than as you do yourself. But now it is time for you the small business owner, or you, someone who is starting a company, to win over big tech, or at least need to buy less ads from them. Now you can understand your future customers better.