WizNYC, the Wizard of New York City, announces, that if You are a MagicPreneur and Do Not Yet have a Mini Studio in Your Home, it isn’t Too Late to Become a Remote Entertainer.

As you can see by looking at the conjurer above, there’s more of a chance to take a break when you’re a Zoom magician. Why? Because there is virtually (pun intended) no travel time or lugging around props.

Remote Magic is Not Going Anywhere Soon

Just some quick notes on a topic that is being spoken about a lot in the magic and mentalism forums. Many magicians or mentalists are talking about making the transition from in-person performing on site to online streaming video. One of the big areas of concern is in regard to the “challenging” Metamorphosis (stage illusion pun intended) from being an in-person prestidigitator to a virtual one.

Video stream magic or mentalism means you can take on clients thousands of miles away because it does not matter where you live including an NYC apartment or condo, or in a suburban or even rural environment. All you need is the willingness to put in some effort to assemble your “broadcast studio.”

If you are worried about investing in video cameras and lights, you could always use natural light outside (or through a window) and film it with your phone. Seriously. At least when starting out. But the important thing is to get going. No matter how you implement it, the important thing is to get started. And if you are concerned that remote education is really just a passing fad, as a magicpreneur this could be one of the most important investments in terms of time and expense. Why? Because Remote Magic is not going anywhere soon.