MagicPreneur Coronavirus Strategies

Impact on Small Businesses

There are those who believe (hope) that we are coming out of the COVID-19 strangle hold. Whether this is true or not will soon be seen by observing small business owners and performers. Admittedly, there are shop owners who are coming back into business with safety precautions in place. For some this is working and for others not.

Be Zoom Ready

But what about entrepreneurs who do magic for a living? Is it time for her or him to get the doves and rabbit ready and all paraphernalia in place? Maybe, maybe not. At this point most likely not. You need to have in place your Zoom ready performing offering.

Make Restrictions Make You Better

We’ve talked about magic in the age of Zoom in other posts. The same things we said before are still true. You need to revise your act, whether you are a kid performer or a mentalist, to adapt to the restrictions of video conferencing.

You Can Do This

This is the time to put your creative magic/mentalism hat on and free associate with the normal effects you perform and figure out how to do them remotely. This can actually be a big selling point for you. The fact that you are bringing a unique and video ready act to the table that is ready for booking. There are magicians and mentalists all over America who are doing this and having success with it. You can too!