Dear MagicPreneur, Here is How to Equip Your Free Blog with an Income Stream

If You Do Not Have a Blog You Might Want to Consider Getting a Free One

Some MagicPreneurs are finding it useful to have a free blog. Getting a free blog is the easy part, there are so many platforms that are available. And as many of you know, there are ways you can equip your free blog with a self-working income stream. It is no doubt that many MagicPreneurs have heard about the method we are about to describe, but have you tried it? To make it worth you time to get a free blog and equip the stream, you should be clear on the audience you are trying to reach and how to reach them. This goes without saying of course, but to make the following info useful should know the answers to the two questions inside and out.

Your Free Blog is Well Suited to Use the Income Generator You May Know but Never Tried

Our overall message now is the importance of equipping your blog for the long duration, especially if you want to use your blog to make an income. One of the easiest to set up ways of bringing in money is through affiliate programs.

Example Of How this Free Blog Money Making Method Can Be Used

An example of a website you could set up your blog with an affiliate would be Amazon. Amazon, like many other companies they have an affiliate program which essentially means that you drive traffic to a product on Amazon and if someone goes from your blog to this item and then they purchase it, you get a commission.

Will the Visitors to Your Free Blog Want to Purchase the Stuff You Represent?

First you need to figure out who you would like to be an affiliate of. This is the most important solution because you must be sure that the same people who visit your free blog will also want to buy the affiliate products you represent.

Something to Remember when You are Setting up Your Free Blog’s Income Stream

So important we are going to say it again, which is the fact that since the kind of business or business idea that you are developing your blog for is going to be in a specific industry. The reason we are not going to list a bunch of companies you can be an affiliate for is because those affiliate programs you select as one to collaborate with, for best results should involve products that relate industry-wise to your free blog which can be found by simply entering into a search engine the keywords that define your industry in conjunction with the worlds “affiliate programs.”

If they Identify with Your Free Blog You Want to Make Sure they Connect with What You Offer

Think of it this way, people who eventually are going to explore your new blog are going to be those who are interested in the industry that your blog represents. So, it only makes sense to link them to affiliates who have products that will be useful. Since the goal is to have your web audience click on a link in your site to take them to a product to purchase, you want to make sure to work with those who have affiliate programs to be sites that have something of value to the kind of person who would be drawn to your site in the first place looking to your blog for solutions to their problems.

You Need to Know Thy Customer Drawn to Your Free Blog

The affiliates you link to could be another example of solving a problem that your web visitors have. Setting up links to affiliate programs so that you get recognized as having sent them a customer is easy in terms of becoming an affiliate and setting it up. The more difficult aspect is making sure that you decide to work with an affiliate program that have something your readers will really want.

Your Free Blog Can Lead to You Making Money in a Variety of Was

There is no point in sending them off to the affiliate programs site if it does not result in a purchase. Many searches will have to be made by you with “affiliate” in the search keywords as well as keywords that are specific to your industry including the name of your industry itself. Every affiliate program is going to be different, and you might be paid for a variety of different things such as being paid per sale or paid per leader or paid per click.

Make Sure Your Free Blog Visitors Receive Value

Therefore, you need to check out a certain company for whom you are considering being an affiliate for. There are many, many affiliate programs out there for your industry so do your research so that when you do decide to work with someone that it is a company that your trust and that you believe your blog visitors will want to purchase from as well as receive value from.

Dear MagicPreneur We Wish You Well

It is our sincere hope that some of this information has been useful to you. Even if you already knew about this particular kind of income stream, maybe it got you thinking about doing it with your free blog? One way or another, all of us are learning every day. Poof, this is the end of this post.

As a MagicPreneur is Selling Your Privacy Worth it to You? Is it Magic or Just Invasive?

What We Give Up

When you look at a search engine like the one that is number 1 in the world, what they have created is quite impressive. They have developed a veritable ecosystem with a myriad of useful online product that are irresistible to many MagicPreneurs and the public as well. The world’s most important search engine follows the business model that most big tech companies do. This is to develop free (?) internet products and services that we as entrepreneurs (and members of the public as well) feel we need desperately. Point blank, we seem willing to trade in as the fee, as many facets of our identity as possible.

What We Get

But for most this exchange seems worth it because of the value such services and product provide for us. They make it easy for us to share our lives with friends and family (and promoting our businesses), despite knowing that we are disclosing information about ourselves that in the wrong hands could be quite detrimental. The collecting of our personal data goes on and on with everything we do including searches, emails, online photographs, web videos and much much more. Heck, at a certain point big tech may remember things we’ve disclosed online that we have forgotten, thereby making these giant media companies in some ways knowing us better than we know ourselves. They have secret files on us that never forget a thing.

Business Benefits

The dream today is to be a MagicPreneur or an entrepreneur and be able to make money while you pursue your passion. And this is where everything comes together. Entrepreneurs, Micro Businesses, Small Businesses and Large Corporations are not just preyed upon from an information gathering prospective but also have the possibility of receiving benefits from the files that big tech has been keeping on us and others. With our files at their disposal big tech can offer businesses the opportunity to cash in on their information collected, for a price.

So, What Does this Have to Do with Being a MagicPreneur?

The drums roll builds in anticipation until finally a cymbal announces the crescendo. The exciting news is uncovered. It is that we as magicians and other entrepreneurs, have access to the files of those most likely to book us (become our customer) if we are willing to pay big tech a fee. They can help us reach out to potential clients via the information they have gathered. We just need to reveal the statistics of what constitute our perfect customers. They sell us other people’s data just as other people buy our data. The data is used to feature ourselves or our companies in ads including search engine placement, social media exhibition, online video and more.

Many Believe this is All Dandy

For a large amount of individuals and MagicPreneurs here in America, giving away our privacy online in exchange for free (?) communication tools is worth it. And knowing companies sell our private data to third parties appears to many as “the way it is.” Again, the irony is that as we sell our own privacy we can, on the flip side, we can in turn purchase other people’s information to promote our own businesses. MagicPreneurs, is this worth it to you?

Yianni Stamas Wishes Happy New Year to You and Yours and a Possible Magic Business on Amazon!

Amazon is hot!

First off, Happy New Year to all you MagicPreneurs out there! Also, to be clear, the following information is not to be considered business advice. We are not experts in the area of starting a business on Amazon and are merely sharing things we have learned. To be clear, We are NOT currently selling on Amazon, nor (as of this writing) have we ever done so, but it is a topic that we have been thinking about for quite a while, as you may have also. We are long time customers of Amazon and have always been interested to know what the behind-the-scenes of being a seller is like. Again, the following is for informational purposes only and is to be used at your own risk.

A Magic and Entrepreneurial Approach for the New Year?!

If by chance you are reading this blog post on this, the day of New Year’s Eve (or later!), you might find today’s topic interesting: selling your product, regardless of what it is, on Amazon. If you are not already promoting your magic career on Amazon, chances are you have thought about it. I know I have.

The Following is More than Just Magic

Although the upcoming tutorial can easily be geared toward magic, it is written in a way that is inclusive of doing a new business or promotion of another of your expertise’s if you have any. It’s a technique that can be applied to pretty much ANY business!

How to Position Yourself as a Magician on Amazon

Let’s face it, even if magic is your biggest pursuit of your passions, it’s not a bad idea to learn more about what is possible on Amazon. As a magician/mentalist myself it seems to me that two of the most likely conjuring applications of the following knowledge about to be disclosed (1st step of 15). You can position yourself by writing a magic book and selling it on Amazon. You can even consider selling magic tricks on Amazon. Plus other concepts, the sky’s the limit and only limited by your imagination.

You Had to Have Started Somewhere with Magic

Some magicians are going to be unhappy at the mention of revealing secrets, and I agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment. But think back to when you first started in magic. You had to start somewhere, right? I know my start in magic when I was a kid was filled with reading every book of magic I could get my hands on, plus using the money I made as a kid magician to buy more magic tricks and books.

We Recently Took the Plunge

So a short while ago we jumped right into doing research and learning more about the topic of selling on Amazon. In some ways putting together this first of several steps is an opportunity for us to learn together. We hope you find the following information useful even if you are a non-magician. Let us know what you think. And if you are a seasoned seller we’d love to pick your brain! Again, the following is just the first of 15 steps! So let us know if you want more!

POSSIBLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE for other Americans. By creating YOUR own Amazon Make Money ADVENTURE that could possibly make a difference by leading to more jobs. This has the potential to be an extremely easy undertaking if you know what the steps are and how to work them.

Are You Interested in Learning all 15 Steps?

This week we are bringing you the FIRST STEP OF 15 ONLY. If we receive interest from you on this topic. we will then continue to reveal the procedure one step at a time weekly possibly on other blogs like this one. We will base our moving forward on this 15 Steps in 15 weeks journey based on how many of YOU contact us with interest while signing up for your Make a Difference Newsletter.

You are Reading Step #1 of “Make a Difference as You Make Money: Amazon Edition”

If we get enough people responding with a desire for more information on how to engage in the process: Amazon Make Money, we will then continue to bring it to you. Remember, this is only the FIRST STEP of 15, meaning there are 14 of them left to achieve success.

Make a Difference?

But you may be asking yourself, how is “Amazon Make Money” a way to MAKE A DIFFERENCE? In most cases in which someone does something entrepreneurship oriented, it in turn creates jobs and opportunities for others.

Delegation is Key

If you do look at the 15 steps of how you can start a profitable Amazon business, you will soon see how some of steps can be delegated. This means YOU are MAKING A DIFFERENCE by providing opportunities to others!

Here is the first step and the only one we are covering in this article:

1.       DO RESEARCH ON AMAZON to uncover a more comprehensive look at the process.

We now bring you the details of the research that is suggested you do fulfill this step.

Just so you know, the setting up an Amazon seller’s account is quick and easy to do. You just need to visit their services page.

Then you to scroll to the bottom of this page on Amazon and under the solutions section select “Sell on Amazon.” As of this writing (it could change) you can sell with the status of “Individual” with Amazon automatically taking a percentage of each sale. Or you can register as a “Professional” and pay a monthly fee.


These are just some of the fees involved though. To get a better idea of how all this works and what the fees currently are, be sure to look under Amazon seller fees on


Please read the information below. It will help you to decide whether you want to pursue selling on Amazon as a professional or an individual.

The Numbers

Doing your research on Amazon is especially important in terms of finding a product to sell or to figure out how (and how much) to market yourself made product. You should also look at FBA which stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon” which means you get your product to Amazon and they in turn handle the mailing of your products to your customers. This in many ways is more convenient for you because you do not have to worry about sending your product out to purchasers, but the problem is that Amazon takes a hefty cut or the profits for this business model. The exact percentage of the cut they take could change at any time, so it is best to check it out at Amazon to get the latest numbers.

Your Brand or Name on the Product

Another thing you will need to deal with (if you go the FBA route) is getting your product from your supplier’s warehouse to Amazon. This is of course if you want to white label (your brand name goes on the product) the merchandise you sell. A big choice that you will need to make is whether to take someone else’s product, at a price low enough to make a profit, and put your company name on it.

A Price Driven Market

Here are the challenges: Amazon is a PRICE driven marketplace. Think about how when YOU yourself buy products at Amazon. Don’t you check around a bit for who has the lowest price on an item that you are purchasing? A lot of other people do this as well. In fact, most folks do. So, you must ask yourself if you have a product online that you can sell at a low enough price so that you beat out the competition. Also, after you put up the cash to get the product from a wholesaler, Amazon will, upon the making a sale to one of your customers, takes their cut for their FBA services. Remember, FBA stands for Fulfilled by Amazon, meaning you get Amazon to take the orders and ship out your products to your customers. This means no messier as well as times consuming, packaging efforts on your part that would include things like figuring out postage and dropping the product to your shipper. Amazon makes the process a lot easier for you by using their FBA services. You must compare the ease of using the FBA method (for which Amazon takes a cut) versus you doing the shipping yourself.

Pricing Under Cutting by Your Competitors

Now before you get deflated let us talk about some good scenarios. If you can possibly find a need to someone’s problem that is currently not being fulfilled, this can be a thing to target because you manufacture the products yourself. But realize if you do not manufacture the product yourself, it is going to be a low-priced seller’s market. In fact, even if you do figure out something to make yourself, other sellers are going to catch on and try to undercut you.

Are You and EXPERT in any Particular Industry?

Yes, it is a dog-eat-dog world, but if you are lucky enough to be manufacturing a product for an industry that you are an expert in, you might be able to always be one step ahead of what provides VALUE your niche (your industry’s customers) at a PRICE you can deal with after handing out percentages.

What to Do if You are NOT an Expert in Something

But wonder if you are not an expert at anything. What industry niche do you focus on? Ask yourself in what category are a lot of your own personal purchases? This could be any kind of product and any industry if you have a love of it. A passion for it. Having these components will mean you will be more MOTIVATED to do the RESEARCH necessary so that you find the right product at the right price to then RESELL. In short, you find a wholesaler, they supply the product directly to you or ship to Amazon directly, and as sales happen Amazon takes its cut.

Do You have a Passion?

Have we lost you at this point? Hopefully not. It is going to take some focused work on your part that is hopefully fun due to it being an industry that you have a passion for.

It is All About Price

Be careful with all this though, if you are NOT manufacturing your own product, because if you supply brand names, the customer will again go where the best price is and either go directly to the brand’s store itself or that of the lowest priced seller.

Three Possible Approaches

To try to make this a little bit easier to decide which direction you take, here are three possible approaches:

  1. MAKE YOUR OWN PRODUCT. You make your own product, put your own brand name on it, and then send it to Amazon to do FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) and have them get it to your customers. You will make the most money this way if you have an original product that solves a problem that now is being underserved.
  2. BUY FROM A WHOLESALER. The Second business model is that after doing your research you find a wholesaler you buy from who then either sends the products to you, or does so directly to Amazon, followed by Amazon fulfilling it to your customers.
  3. SHIPPING IT YOURSELF. You could also either buy a wholesale product or make it yourself and send your products yourself. If you have a good method of packing and sending your product, chances are you can save money by doing this yourself. But how will your possible future customers, especially Amazon Prime members, think if they know you are sending it yourself and not under the Amazon Prime heading? Will this cause you to lose potential purchasers? As always, put yourself in the place of the consumer.

Amazon Prime Anybody?

You also want to consider if you desire to have your product to be sold under an Amazon Prime heading. This again will require researching to get the current numbers involved.

Profitable Categories

You will want to be selling as products those which are in profitable categories. Here are some of the favorites of customers as of this writing:

  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronics
  • Hair Care
  • Health
  • Home Décor
  • Home & Garden
  • Kids & Toys
  • Nutrition
  • Pets
  • Skin Care
  • Supplements

More on Expertise Benefits

Do any of these categories strike a chord with you? Are any of them in line with your expertise or passion? Of course, if you are an expert yourself, or have one as a partner, things can move more smoothly for you. This is because you can leverage the fact that you represent expertise in the category heading.

The Passion Approach

But even if you yourself or your partner (if you have one) is not an expert, you must then rely on the “motivation factor.” This means that the more enthusiastic you are about a category the better off you will be in doing research and other explorations because you enjoy being a part of that industry.

Is It Worth Doing for You?

Looking at the Best Sellers section of Amazon can be a useful window into what people are purchasing. Check out the area you are interested in and ask yourself if there are opportunities for you to do something less expensively with quality to back it up?

The Tools that Can Help You with Your Research

Ahrefs can help you with this profit of getting selling data but it does cost money. Other paid tools include Amaze Owl, AMZ Base, AMZScout Pro, Helium 10, Jungle Scout, SellerApp and Unicorn Smasher. It might be worth your effort to look at these tools and figure out if they will be enough of a time saver for you to validate purchasing them? We have no monetary link to the products but just include them as options that you have in your research process. Some of these tools may or may not be available by the time you read this.

Google Trends

Do you know about Google Trends? It is a FREE search tool that lets you test out trends and get a sense of how popular they are. Be sure to not only search for a trend but figure out interest between different industries in comparison to each other. It is also useful to look at Google searches regarding a possible product, to see if it is included in the pulldown window indicating searches for it, plus YouTube pull downs are also a good popularity test to put your product through.

More Options

Another FREE tool (now) is SEMScoop. It professes to discover thousands of profitable keywords that have low competition. Why is this important? Because if you do a sales campaign for your products, in which you drive customers through SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) to your Amazon pages, the lower the current competition, the lower you will have to pay for those keywords. Again, the secret to any of these techniques is finding gaps in the market that need to be filled. You must be able to pivot in this business because change is ever present.

Ad Purchasing is Available in Tandem with Your Written Blog Content

Optimization is key for you to do, followed by possible paid advertising. And if you are purchasing Google AdWords, Bing Advertising, Facebook ads and so on, you want to make sure that the ads you want to purchase contain the same keywords that that your actual written content on your blog matches. In addition to written content that coincides with ads you will also need visual representation such as eye-catching images you are able to use without having to pay a fee.

More on Keyword Purchasing and Your Blog’s Content

Ultimately the paid search solutions like Facebook ads, Google AdWords, Bing Advertising and so on will get you the most specific targeting because that is the business that they are in: selling you advertising. How? Because they all get more and more information on you because you yourself are a demographic that other advertisers want to reach. Have you noticed having ads when you are engaged in your online viewing, that are a match for you and your interests? This is sometimes no coincidence.

How They Track You

The information you gave Facebook and your search engine choices (as well as products like Gmail and many more) are all geared to learning more about you and what they can sell to you. In turn, you can use these strategies yourself. The big media companies want you to pay them to get the keywords that once were available for free, because as you might have noticed, these and other companies provide you less and less opportunities to create organic content (non-paid) via keywords that you do not have to purchase.

Keep On Learning

Hopefully, you are still with us here. We realize this may seem like a lot to take in, but we want you to know that if you immerse yourself in it, motivated by your industry of choice, that you will get better and better with these techniques and soon they will be second nature to you. Please do not give up! Keep on learning! And let us know if you want more!

Happy New Year everybody!

Read About Magicians and Entrepreneurs

A Magic Publication

If you want to continue to be a magicpreneur who is making a living with their passion, be sure to read books about magicians and entrepreneurs. This can be fuel for your fire. Although I can not reveal the name of it here, but we just had an article published in one of the most important magazines for magician entertainers.

The Magic Community

In the article we covered information on performers in a recent show that the organization sponsored. These conjurers were all making their living through magic. A theme that came up frequently was the idea of having a passion for magic as well as the importance of giving back to the magic community.

Go to Your Local Library

If you are new to the magic profession and live near a library, don’t forget the Dewey Decimal number 798.3.

MagicPreneurs are Creative Entrepreneurs

What is the woman doing in the library? She is reading library books with the number 793.8. This is the number for magic books. She is taking in books on conjuring. as well as those that focus on business.

There is a lot of talk these days about entrepreneurship as being one of the solutions for the lack of jobs in the current economy. The idea is that becoming an entrepreneur, or even an ArtisticPreneur, will allow people to be empowered to create their own opportunities. And MagiciPreneurs? The same concept. We decided to do a study of magicians we known locally here in New York City what they thought about combining artistic pursuits with business. They all said this is a viable way to work which is working for them. Congratulations MagicPreneurs.

Magicians Can Use “Cause Marketing” Too

If you are a magician who is an expert in a particular field or are working with someone else who is is and you document them, this can form the content of your of your message along with updates on good things that are going on. If you can work entirely digitally this is the best context because, although you are potentially subject to bullying or slandering, you don’t have to worry about your business being put on fire. Many magicians are now performing remotely with their gigs, and adding the component of Cause Marketing can be helpful for your magic and routines if worked into your patter.

The approach of cause marketing has to do with aligning your brand (and yes, as a magician you are a brand!) with a cause to produce profitable and societal benefits for both parties. This forms social value that is beneficial to both you and the organization you are helping.

Ideally you are able to do something to help others that has to do with what your outreach activities are all about. If this is the case, then you can offer up your services as a magician as the prize for those individuals participating in a campaign who makes the biggest difference in a measurable way. In other words, your business gains being under a spotlight in an integrated manner making it possible for you to be able to promote your business through the prizes offered. And  when someone wins the contest you can do a special trick for them remotely.

The great thing about cause marketing is that it brings into focus your brand without having to spend more on marketing than you already are. This can increase customer loyalty and general good will toward your business as a magician.

In short, doing cause marketing often involves the need to motivate an audience to do something positive potentially for both your online and offline community. You want your customers to take some sort of action. The great thing about this is that you potentially will get new referrals for your act.

What is Your MagicPreneur Marketing Strategy?

Getting bookings for your magic career is a little like playing chess. You need to have a strategy that works. In this article we reveal such a strategy!


You Need a Map

Being able to perform your magicpreneur act for an audience via Zoom, is all well and nice, but how do you get your bookings in the first place?, the marketing organization, put up an interesting post today all about getting bookings and acquiring customers. Don’t underestimate the need for a well thought out marketing strategy. Think of it this way, not having an overall plan in terms of marketing, is the same as needing to travel but not having a map! Currently in development is an online course that uncovers secrets to being able to create profitable marketing, and is called quite appropriately “Create Profitable Marketing.” But until that course is released, we meanwhile feature in this publication a useful strategy if you implement it properly.

Start an Online Magic Publication

Some of you reading the article about getting bookings and acquiring strategies per the link on this page, may possibly be coming back at us with the question “How am I supposed to do influencer marketing if I don’t have access to influencers nor the money to pay for them?” Worry not, you can still get influencer marketing on your side. How are you going to do this? There is a little known method of getting someone famous or semi-famous to be a guest on your magic website. The key here is to have a website that is not necessarily featuring your name such as something along the lines of “Magic Show TV.” Or a site that currently exists called USA Magicians.

You are Who You Associate With

The influencer acquisition strategy means have a site about magic or a related topic that has a name the implies more than just one person on it. You become the resident contributor on the your site featuring interviews with well known performers. Think of it this way, who would you be more likely to hire as a magician, the conjurer that was associated with well known names in magic, or she or he who was not? Obviously you become more desirable via who you hang with.

Work on Gaining Viewership

But wonder if you don’t have any magic influencer friends? That’s fine because what you do have is a publication about magicians. Simply get the contact information for a well known magician and email that person saying you want to interview them for your online magic magazine. You may be surprised who you can get on your website. And the more you do this, the greater viewership you will build, that in turn helps you get more prestidigitator influencers because people like being on sites that are popular. Try it out! It works if you work it!

MagicPreneur Coronavirus Strategies

Impact on Small Businesses

There are those who believe (hope) that we are coming out of the COVID-19 strangle hold. Whether this is true or not will soon be seen by observing small business owners and performers. Admittedly, there are shop owners who are coming back into business with safety precautions in place. For some this is working and for others not.

Be Zoom Ready

But what about entrepreneurs who do magic for a living? Is it time for her or him to get the doves and rabbit ready and all paraphernalia in place? Maybe, maybe not. At this point most likely not. You need to have in place your Zoom ready performing offering.

Make Restrictions Make You Better

We’ve talked about magic in the age of Zoom in other posts. The same things we said before are still true. You need to revise your act, whether you are a kid performer or a mentalist, to adapt to the restrictions of video conferencing.

You Can Do This

This is the time to put your creative magic/mentalism hat on and free associate with the normal effects you perform and figure out how to do them remotely. This can actually be a big selling point for you. The fact that you are bringing a unique and video ready act to the table that is ready for booking. There are magicians and mentalists all over America who are doing this and having success with it. You can too!

Looking to the Future for MagicPreneurs

Not in the Same Room

Even though we are in the midst of a pandemic, the future looks good for magicpreneurs and other related entertainers. Why? Because with the “preneur” in magicpreneur it is possible for one to helm destiny. The key here though is that because of COVID-19 all the rules have changed. But, especially for kid performers, the long range looks good. This is because kids love magic and a Zoom version of this has been tested with results that are quite encouraging. The kids still exclaim with glee, despite the performer not being in the same room as they are.

New Tools

For the future to be bright it is all about innovation. In truth what it is, is engaging in “Digital Transformation.” This is the work of transmuting all processes that in the past used to require being “live and in person,” into digital ones. Of course “Digital Transformation” is not just about making processes digital, it includes keeping an open mind toward what the new tools offer.

Is This for You?

Another great digital way that magicpreneurs can use to make a living is to get involved with the writing of magic books and creating effects to be sold to other magicians. In fact, that magic world needs a new book and effects that can be done digitally. So maybe you are the person to do this?!

Your Magician in a Suitcase

MagicPreneur Strategies

To succeed as a MagicPreneur you need a magician in a suitcase that you can carry wherever you go. But seriously folks…What is meant by this is the suggestion that we always have a conjurer with us at all times. Why? Because no matter where you are in your career, an important component of success is to never forget the wizard aspect of your MagicPreneur business strategies.

Magicians Versus Actors

Being a MagicPreneur is unlike any other kind of entrepreneur because magic is a unique artform and therefore has unique needs in terms of promotion. What would work for say, an actor, is not going to work for a magician. Why? Because a magician is a self contained act, whereas an actor is seeking employment in an existing production.

Don’t Forget

And especially in these days of the Coronavirus, Magicians need a unique approach. Projects like “Invent Mentalism,” take into consideration the times we live in and presents for the prestidigitator a special pathway of making a living in these challenging times of not having audiences because of the six feet apart requirements. So at a loss of what to do in the present for your career? Make sure you always have a magician in a suitcase with you to reveal the newest approaches such as “Invent Mentalism.”