How to Think like a MagicPreneur (Magician Entrepreneur) to Get Hired

In the enchanting world of of being a magic entertainer, there’s a distinct breed of performers who stand out – it is that of the MagicPreneur. This individual is someone who not only dazzles with their sleight of hand or mind-bending illusions but also excel in their careers by adopting an entrepreneurial mindset. This article delves into how thinking like a businessperson, akin to an entrepreneur, can significantly elevate your career in the magic entertainment industry.

Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit

The first step to thinking like a MagicPreneur is to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. This means viewing your magic career not just as a series of performances but as a business venture. Every trick in your repertoire, every stage appearance, and every interaction with your audience is a part of your business. The entrepreneurial mindset involves strategizing, innovating, and continuously looking for ways to enhance your brand.

Understanding Your Market

In any business, understanding the market is crucial, and this is no different for you, the MagicPreneur. It’s about knowing your audience, understanding what they seek in a magic performance, and identifying the gaps in the market. Are your potential clients looking for grand stage illusions, close-up magic, or a mix of humor and magic? By thinking like an entrepreneur, you start to see your performances as products tailored to meet the demands of a specific market segment.

Branding and Differentiation

As a MagicPreneur, your brand is your magic. It’s what sets you apart from the multitude of other magicians. Entrepreneurs excel at branding, and this skill is equally vital in the magic industry. What makes your magic unique? Is it your style, your storytelling, your interactive performances, or a signature trick? By focusing on what makes you distinct, you create a brand that is memorable and sought after.

Networking and Collaborations

Successful entrepreneurs are adept networkers. They understand the power of connections and collaborations. As a MagicPreneur, networking within and outside the magic community can open doors to new opportunities. Collaborations with other entertainers, event organizers, or corporate entities can lead to gigs that you might not have accessed on your own. Think of every interaction as a potential business opportunity.

Leveraging Social Media and Online Platforms

In today’s digital age, entrepreneurs know the importance of having an online presence. For you, the MagicPreneur, social media and online platforms are invaluable tools. They are not just channels to showcase your skills but also platforms to engage with your audience, receive feedback, and build a community of magic enthusiasts. An active online presence can significantly increase your visibility and lead to more hiring opportunities.

Adaptability and Innovation

The entrepreneurial journey is filled with uncertainties, and adaptability is key. As a MagicPreneur, this could mean diversifying your skills or embracing new technologies to enhance your performances. The magic industry is always evolving, and staying ahead of trends can make you more marketable. Entrepreneurs are not afraid to innovate, and as a magician, bringing fresh perspectives to your art can be your greatest trick.


Thinking like a MagicPreneur is about adopting a business-oriented approach to your magic career. It’s about seeing beyond the applause and understanding the dynamics of the entertainment industry as a business. By embracing the entrepreneurial spirit, understanding your market, focusing on branding, networking, leveraging digital platforms, and staying adaptable and innovative, you set the stage not just for applause but for a thriving career in magic entertainment. Remember, in the world of magic, your greatest illusion is transforming your art into a successful business venture.

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